Ancient haunts of the Wadlins, Rickards, Hicks et al.  Pictures taken by Milo Wadlin II and III on trips in 1979 and 1981 respectively.

Antique map of Cornwall


St. Stephens by Saltash Church Tower St. Stephens by Saltash Church and churchyard

Note that most markers now line the fence

St. Stephens by Saltash Churchyard

The overcast played havoc with the colors.  Pretty typical.

St. Stephens by Saltash Baptismal Font St. Stephens by Saltash Altar St. Stephens by Saltash from a distance
St. Stephens by Saltash Churchyard

A few headstones remain in their original locations.

Botus Fleming Church Tower near sunset

Couldn't stand back far enough to get it all in.

Rising Sun Inn and Pub at Botus Fleming

Richard Wadling was a proprietor years ago


Botus Fleming

This clip shows the approach, churchyard, church interior, and the Rising Sun Inn, as they appeared in 1994. videos\BotusFlemingBroadB.WMV

Botus Fleming Video -- Broadband connection


Botus Fleming Video -- Dial-up connection

Notter Bridge

This clip begins with a shot of the sign for what may have once been Stockaton Lodge.  The car pauses just before passing over Notter Bridge itself, then passes by Notter Mill. videos\NotterBridgeBroadB.wmv

Notter Bridge Video -- Broadband connection


Notter Bridge Video -- Dial-up connection



St. Germans