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th_annfoale.jpg (2301 bytes) (21K) Picture of Ann Foale, and immigrant from Plymouth to New York in 1841.   She lived from 1819 to 1901.  Age when photographed unknown.  Care to guess?
th_foaltradbw.jpg (6554 bytes) (120K) This Foale-Lamble Contemporary Document is a piece of paper that was used to record births and deaths in the family between 1785 and 1803? How many different hands do you think wrote on this paper?
th_foalback.jpg (5391 bytes) (163K) The reverse side of the Foale-Lamble Contemporary Document.   Paper was scarce.  Original purpose of this paper uncertain.  Do you have a theory?
th_foallet.jpg (4406 bytes) (70K) Now that we use email, we don't have to worry about conserving paper in this way; writing on a page first one way, and then at right angles to the first text.   Hard to read, and they didn't have Advil.
th_foalletf.jpg (1681 bytes) (47K) By the time John Wadling received this letter, he had dropped the g from the end of his name.  He was from the West Country.  Who knew people would try to pronounce the g in New York?  As you can see, in-laws were slow to change back then, too.
th_rickardcitizen.jpg (3315 bytes) (60K) Show me you are related to this guy, and you can have his proof of citizenship.  His name is Josiah Rickard, and I don't know who he is.  Sure, there are some Rickards in my pedigree, but not this guy.  So why did the Wadlins end up with this document?
th_mattwaddletonf1869.jpg (4616 bytes) (96K) This is a letter from 1869 on the topic of the family pedigree.   It helped remove any question about who was related to who, despite name differences and moving about.  Several place names from eastern Cornwall are mentioned.  It was folded like a Hallmark card, so start on the right half, continue with the one below, then finish on the left half.
th_MattWaddleton1869.jpg (4429 bytes) (84K)This is the inside of the letter, when folded.  When I first read it, it was hard for me to believe that Wadlin and Waddleton were the same name.