Greek Alphabet
alpha ALPHA (AL-fuh) First letter of the Greek alphabet. nu NU (NOO)
beta BETA (BAY-tuh) xi XI (KS-EYE)
gamma GAMMA (GAM-uh) omicron OMICRON (OM-i-KRON) Rarely used because it looks like an ‘o.’
delta DELTA (DEL-tuh) pi PI (PIE) The lower-case Pi is universally used to represent that number which is the ratio of the circumference of a circle to its diameter. The upper-case Pi is used as the “product” symbol.
epsilon EPSILON (EP-sil-on) The second form of the lower case epsilon is used as the “set membership” symbol. rho RHO (ROW)
zeta ZETA (ZAY-tuh) sigma SIGMA (SIG-muh) The capital Sigma is used as the “summation” symbol.
eta ETA (AY-tuh) tau TAU (TAU)
theta THETA (THAY-tuh) upsilon UPSILON (OOP-si-LON)
iota IOTA (eye-OH-tuh) phi PHI (FEE) The two versions of lower-case Phi are used interchangeably.
kappa KAPPA (KAP-uh) chi CHI (K-EYE)
lambda LAMBDA (LAM-duh) psi PSI (SIGH)
mu MU (MYOO) omega OMEGA (oh-MAY-guh) Last letter of the Greek alphabet.


Greek Alphabet