Bell family

by Sam W Bell Jr.

In front of the farm, looking east. L - R: Sarah Alice Atkinson Bell (Sadie), myself, Samuel W. Bell, sr., Harriet Bell (my sister Hally), H. G. Bell (grandpa), Paul Seyler Bell (my little brother). The car is a 1935 Ford Tudor.  The Hillcrest farm: milk barn on the left, Uncle Jim's brand new car, chicken house, farm house.  In chair: L to R Verah, Samuel W. Bell sr., Hazel (Jim's wife) On floor: L to R David T. Young, James Darwin Bell

(approx. date - 1914; probably in Los Animas, Colo., possible wedding occasion)


L - R - Helen Young Wetlaufer, Judy Wetlaufer, Wally Wetlaufer (now Lt Cmdr, eventually Captain in the Naval Reserve)


L -R My father, my father's uncle Zan, and my little brother Paul. About 1955.


L to R - My mother (Harriet S. Bell), my father (Samuel Bell sr.) H.G. Bell (my grandfather), Sarah Alice Atkinson Bell (my grandmother), myself, Helen Young, James Darwin Bell (my uncle), his wife Hazel (Wharton, I think), Dave T. Young, Harriet Bell (my sister Hally), Dave's wife (Verah Bell Young)

The farm was named Hillcrest. The terrain was quite flat, but the road sloped down from the house, nevertheless, both to the south and the west.


Bottom step: Hally, next step, lady, lady, lady; next step: H G. Bell, next step: man, Sarah Alice, lady next step: lady, lady, next step: young man, top step: Samuel Warren sr. (my father, holding me) Alexander (my father's Uncle Zan Bell) standing: man, man, man.

This picture (taken about 1932) on the porch steps of the PA farm) would not have included Samuel Bell (1820 - 1902) or Mary Gamble (1830 - 1914). It's possible that Charles Bell and his son Wells are here, but I suspect that most that I cannot identify are relatives of Mary Gamble. She was born in McKeesport PA. My mother probably took this picture at the McKeesport,PA farm.


Harriet Bell (sister Hally), Paul (little brother), me (with hair). About 1955



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