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Pictures of Wadlin youth  wadlin Family




 Lou Ann & Milo


Jim Bell, Milo Wadlin, Sam Bell, Milo Wadlin Sr., Louise Bell Wadlin, Norma Harris Hutchison, Lou Hutchison Bell, Ruth Wadlin

Milo, Lou Ann, Annie in November 1990

Lou Hutchison Bell, Norma Harris Hutchison, Lou Ann Wadlin, Annie & Laura Wadlin

Ruth Wadlin Milo L. Wadlin

Milo L. Wadlin Sr.


Bell - Wadlin The ancestors and descendants in our combined family.  (Wife gets top billing!) Wadlins of Maine, USA  A line of Wadlins that may have come from Bideford, Devon, England Wadlins of Maine II, USA  A line of Wadlins as yet unconnected to the other Wadlins of Maine.
Wadlings of Bodmin, Cornwall, England.  A major line of Wadlings we may connect into one day. Wadeltons of Exeter, Devon, England.  These folks had a lot in common with our Wadlin line, except a common ancestor.  So far, anyway.

Bells of Missouri, Colorado, and Pennsylvania  We've identified German immigrants and a soldier in the American revolution.

A Wadlin Genealogy  A narrative of our family background.
Rickard Document Gallery  View some records, official and otherwise, of our Rickard connection

Photos of Cornwall  St. Stephens by Saltash Church and Botus Fleming.

Wadlin Document Gallery   View some interesting old papers, and help solve some mysteries. Penny Document Gallery  View some pictures and wills related to the Pennys. Helston Union Workhouse, 1841 Census of Cornwall, England.  If you had ancestors that were poor and were in the Helston area of Cornwall, have a look. (Courtesy of Royce Prisk)
Wadling - Wyatt,  Another group of Wadlings we might connect into one day.    


Lou and Martha Hutchison

Florence Alice Pope Wadlin H. Norma Harris Hutchison
Emily Hilburn Harris Wm. Elmore Penny & Ruth Wadlin Amealia Beashel and husband with Mimi and Sadiea

Long Gone

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