Just the Important Things

by Laura Wadlin, Beaverton 6th grader


If I had a dime for all the bad things that have happened to Oregon schools, I’d be rich. Darn, I wish the schools were.  Rich, that is.  

          I’ve noticed that most adults usually say, “Our children are the future,” or “They can make a difference.” If they believe that, as I assume they do, then why are they taking away our school activities, supplies, and even teachers?  Yes, as we all know, the Oregon schools’ budget is very tight, but… can’t we do something about that?  

I am sometimes amazed, even astounded, at the things our schools say we have to give up because of money problems.  Just recently I received a project assignment in my science class in which we were required to make a poster.  My teacher gave us regular white paper, but not the construction paper we had seen on posters from years before.  My teacher told us, “Sorry guys, you know the budget.”  

But, of course, it is not just paper cuts (no pun intended), it’s the cuts to activities -- shall I say -- rather “big-time.”   

Most Oregonian readers have probably heard about Outdoor School , a short summer camp for Beaverton sixth graders.  I was very disappointed when I learned Outdoor School would be discontinued my first year of middle school.  

I have read in recent newspaper articles that curricular activities involving music could be eliminated in the following school year.  Many people I know, and even most of my friends, take Band or Orchestra in our school.  Personally, I adore band, and would have to receive something 10 times better to want to give it up.

 On the other hand, people who don’t take band -- and even unfortunately some people who do -- don’t care about it at all, and wouldn’t miss it if it was taken from us.  Many adults would rather not have to pay taxes than save after school, and during school activities.  They would do this even though students would be quite upset, and discouraged if it wasn’t available anymore.

 Adults, faculty members, and even some students do not realize the importance of music classes!  They are thinking of cutting classes down to the bare minimum, and only to have Mathematics, Science/Chemistry, Language Arts, and Social Studies. Just the “important things,” they say.  These adults don’t realize music is very important also!  

A person who wants fewer taxes at the expense of classes enjoyed by students, and doesn’t care about musical activities -- does this describe you?  If so, I am asking you to rethink your position, because if money is more important to you than students enjoying school, then a mass of adolescents will be appalled because their main interest and passion will be taken from them.




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