Canol Project   Sam Bell recounts his experiences surveying the site for an oil pipeline through the frozen Yukon Territory in 1942. Patriotic Dissent    An aging hippie speaks out against the relentless threat to freedom embodied by the USA Patriot Act.
Hailstones   Not a family project at all; I used a favorite book of my daughters to practice techniques of web design. Pioneer Mountains in western Montana, a great place for a grandmother and granddaughter to get to know each other.
Harriet Seyler Bell's Autobiography Purposeful, thrifty, and ahead of her time. She put herself through college and graduate school, and set high standards for herself. She had her nose to the grindstone for 20 years. Post Report: 2083   David Hutchison's career as a foreign service officer was cut short by cancer at age 45. His imaginative story about future travel to Mars was published in the Foreign Service Journal in March 1983.
Just the Important Things  An argument in support of a ballot measure, from a middle school student who points out what her school is in danger of losing. Roy Hutchison  There may have been a better manager of J.C. Penney's stores, but I doubt it. He truly practiced industry, honesty, generosity, creativity, curiosity, and ambition.
Laura in Forest Grove  A band of orphans in Depression-era New York brings to life the musical Annie at Theatre in the Grove. Ruth Wadlin's Autobiography An account of death, adoption, and rediscovery.  The account ends just days before she had a stroke, dying a month later.
Maestro an article written by Milo and published in The Oregonian on the occasion of Leonard Bernstein's death.. Washington D.C.  Pictures from a grandmother's and granddaughter's shared experiences in our nation's capitol.
Milo's Curriculum Vitae   The voice of a boy gave sparkle to the Columbus Boychoir and has since deepened into a powerful baritone. What Does the U.S. Constitution Say?   The purpose of a constitution is to protect a minority group from the wrath of the majority. 
New Year Snowstorm   Let it snow! See pictures of this year's unexpected weather. Zoo Animals   A recent trip to the Washington Park zoo, also known as the Oregon zoo, resulted in this collection of photographs.